Thursday, October 30, 2014


Out of sight, out of mind
Out of body, in the grind
What you see is what you get
What you don't, you can't forget
Far far away is a heart that froze
Frigid fingers, a danger pose
Unchained melodies hang in the air
Dancing statues stop and stare
The ice queen has no tears to shed
Love is overrated, she said
Before she set herself alight
Lay wasted in the charcoal night...

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Drug

Sometimes when everything in my life seems to be going right, it's strange, really, that I begin craving for melancholy. My mind wanders to the past everytime, thinking about long lost friends, lovers...times gone by... And I think maybe if I could have done things a another way, my life would have been so different. Even though I love being what I am, and doing what I'm doing, its crazy to want to think like this. Its like I'm addicted to being sad, that happiness sits right in front of me, and yet I choose to elude it.