Friday, September 12, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All Rise

Being a woman in this country is a mixed bag, really. On the one hand we are worshiped; on the other, cursed. But what prevails throughout, is how quickly we are judged. It's like the whole world is a grand jury, closely following every step we take - quick to pass judgement.

It starts in the womb.

A woman becomes pregnant and the shape and size of her swollen belly becomes the topic of discussion. And if the 'signs' point to a girl, the pressure starts building up. 'Having a daughter? Oh you're going to have your hands full! A lot of responsibility coming your way!' Why? A baby boy would be easier to manage? Or would he be a lesser responsibility in any way?

And when the girl's born, if she's lucky enough to survive the foeticide and infanticide, she will already have a long list of expectations to live up to.

Growing up for a girl is a hard time. Parents have to be extra careful. She should be covered, she should know what's proper, eat properly, sit straight, don't talk too much. Even a 5 year old is expected to behave 'like a lady'. And yet, girl child rapes are on the rise.

Clothes. Oh that's a big issue. Dress conservatively - 'She's mature, marry her off'.
Dress modern - 'She's getting out of hand. Get her married.'

Career. Another bomb. Working woman - 'She's too ambitious. Doesn't care for her kids. She needs to be shown her place'.
Stay at Home Mom - 'She was never capable enough to work. Good for nothing!'

Financially Independent - 'She's loose, a whore that's what she is'
Financially Dependent - 'Bloody burden on the family'

Girls as friends - 'She's got to be a lesbian'
Boys as friends - 'She's got no shame! Has to be taught a lesson!'

Judgements, conclusions, pre-conceived notions - somehow we find a way to fault the women around us. It's not easy, you know, to be labelled into categories for whatever we do or don't do. Sometimes, we just want to shut the world out...have a moment of peace, without someone breathing down our necks, just waiting to write us off. We want to live our lives the way we want, and not be treated like commodities. But those who sit in judgement should know this: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.